Barraduff Community Field secure High-Speed Broadband Funding

Barraduff Community field Organization have been successful in our application for funding for High-Speed Broadband Infrastructure and IT Equipment under The Rural Development Leader programme 2014-2020.

We received good news from Cllr Niall Kelleher, Chairman of Kerry Local Community Development Committee.

We will receive €7,619 in grant aid to complete a local community hub. Our community hub, with high-speed fibre broadband, will serve as remote work hub where people can rent space that will enable smart working as well as upgrade our existing Meeting Rooms. This will also serve as a local hub and create new opportunities for people of all ages, partnership with companies, student’s needs, group training classes, health and safety courses etc. for people living and planning to live in community.

As we all know how we work, connect with each other and learn is changing. We want to play our part in this new era of change.

Stay Safe Everyone.


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